Disabled Monika Kuszyńska is a Pantyhose Model – Revolutionary?

April 18, 2014 under News

Hard to believe, but Monika Kuszyńska even after her car accident still models, even though in a wheelchair. This is the first time I see this for a pantyhose commercial.

Adrian pantyhose woman in wheelchair

Is Kylie Minogue Sexercise video a rip off from Justin Timberlake My Love song?

April 17, 2014 under News

I can’t help it but notice the similarities in the tune from Kylie Mingoue’s new video “Sexercise” to the one a few years back from Justin Timberlake called “My Love”.


Justin Timberlake’s Chorus:

Yeah, because
I can see us holding hands
Walking on the beach, our toes in the sand
I can see us on the countryside
Sitting on the grass, laying side by side
You could be my baby, let me make you my lady… 

Kylie Minogue’s opening of the song sounds similar to me. Am I delusional?

Flexin’ real tight
Keep on moving so nice
Move it for me tonight
Let me see you sexercize
It’s not just your body
Gotta keep it up with me
My mind is seven sea
Let me see you sexercize

There is a hint of hosiery in both, so I don’t forget such things. If it has stockings in it, I remember.

Cuban heel stockings on a Friday night

April 17, 2014 under Fiore

Edvige cuban heel stockings with backseam by Fiore 2 Edvige cuban heel stockings with backseam by Fiore

My guy took these candid photos on our Friday night date night. We went to the movie theatre to watch Captain America.

I decided to finally celebrate the warm weather and wore a dark knee high dress. Under it I had a corset with garter straps attached to these Cuban heel stockings.

One thing that I can tell you is that this one piece lingerie looked amazing, but it wasn’t easy to move, sit down, or lean in any way. It felt like I had a bungee chord running from my shoulder to my ankles.

As I was waiting at the movie theatre for my guy to finally emerge from the men’s room, the handle from my umbrella fell off and ended up on the floor. I picked it up, but right away dropped something else. A guy next to me rushed to helped me to get it first, saying that “don’t worry, I’ll get it, you look like you have trouble doing that”. Well, I blamed it on my high heels. That was an awkward moment.

So just a note for those like me, if you are planning to move around and so on it’s better to wear a garter belt and a bra as two separate garments rather than a piece that combines it all.

In case you would like to get a pair of stockings like that, this is a limited edition style by Fiore called Edvige. You can find it in the shop section here.

Kylie Minogue promotes Wolford in her video Sexercise

April 15, 2014 under Wolford

Kylie-Minogue-Sexercise-2014-made-by-Ernest-García pantyhoe Wolford

Kylie Minogue, the singer known for her wild side, just launched a new video that starts with a shot of a Wolford shopping bag.

Mostly the bodywear is featured as the dancers exercise in white bodysuits, but in some shots you can tell that she is wearing nude fishnet pantyhose under her leotard.

This video of dancers doing all sorts of moves  on high heels was filmed in a high school gym. The song itself is written by an Australian composer, Sia.

Kylie-Minogue-Sexercise-2014-made-by-Ernest-García pantyhoe Wolford leotard

Kylie-Minogue-Sexercise-2014-video pantyhose Wolford bag

Julia models Hanna pantyhose by Fiore

April 15, 2014 under Fiore

Finally it’s spring and women can start wearing sheer pantyhose and shorter dresses. Julia sent these photos of her wearing Hanna pantyhose.

Hanna pantyhose by Fiore 1 small

Hanna pantyhose by Fiore 2 small Hanna pantyhose by Fiore 3 small

This design looks amazing on her slim legs. I am sure as she was walking in that dress, men were secretly turning around for a second look.

Let us know what you think and let’s encourage her to do more fun photos like this. In case you like the pantyhose, you can buy it here – Hanna by Fiore.

Mandisa tights on a blogger – wow!

April 14, 2014 under Photoshoots

mandisa fiore on a blogger - pantyhose

I saw this photo online and wanted to share it with you. What a sharp outfit! The model’s legs are so slim and long.

I don’t know whether she’s going to work (perhaps only if she’s in the fashion industry), to a restaurant, or even to a birthday party – she looks great in this classy outfit.

Mandisa tights, now only left in L, were one of the top sellers a year ago until they got discontinued.

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Is white pantyhose still trendy?

April 14, 2014 under Photoshoots

You’ll probably agree with me, but white is the toughest colour to see on people in terms of hosiery. It’s so rare! It could be a fun colour for the summer though if worn properly.

I saw this photoshoot from another blogger and thought to share it with you. She looks so pretty and somehow managed to make her whole outfit work out perfectly.

fun white pantyhose 1

fun white pantyhose 2 fun white pantyhose 3

fun white pantyhose 4

She is Russian and I think she lives around there. But in my city (Vancouver, BC) for example such outfit could perhaps only be seen on Asian girls.

Showing off some legs and heels!

April 13, 2014 under Interviews

girlfriend in pantyhose

One of the customers here sent me a photo to give me a little sneak peak of how amazing his girlfriend looks in Gatta pantyhose (style called Carmine).

Fancy black pantyhose, plum shade stiletto high heels, and perfect slim legs.

Wow! This is true love.

Fancy Lady on a Motorcycle in Vancouver

April 13, 2014 under Weird

I saw this woman on the road and asked my guy to drive behind her so I could take a photo. She was wearing fancy pantyhose and fashionable boots. What a rare sight.

woman on a motorcycle in fancy pantyhose 2 in Vancouver

woman on a motorcycle in fancy pantyhose

Opinions on Melange Tights

April 12, 2014 under Fiore

michelle melange fiore tights

Melange means “mix” in French. If you look at such tights, you’ll see that it’s like as if they have two colours mixed in them, both grey and black. Grey is always the undertone. So it can be grey/brown, grey/black, grey/burgundy, and so on.

It’s a neutral, muted option to combine with other clothing that you may want to draw attention to. In the photo here the model is wearing Michelle tights by Fiore in black.

Somehow for me the look of such tights is so comforting. It just looks warmer than any other 60 den because it has mixed yarn like that, as if I am looking at a knitted blanket.

Samira pantyhose by Fiore

Stylists say that such melange tights make the leg visibly fuller, so women with skinny legs like the one in the photo would benefit from wearing it.

If you happen to like it, at the moment there is only one pair left in Small in the shop section - Michelle tights by Fiore.

Shannon by Fiore is another style of melange tights, with a side pattern.  Samira is another style to consider if you like patterns.

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